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Sonia Lukich Faye

I am an empath and claircognizant whose primary healing modality is lightwork. I studied with Ariah Velasquez-Elmore, M.A. and hold a certification in Pleiadian Lightwork, a system that moves participants toward full-body consciousness.  I was first introduced to this healing art by a friend who suggested I try it during a painful and overwhelming period in my life. Being an active participant in my own healing process completely shifted my life and empowered me wholly in a way I didn't know existed. That experience (and work) brought profound peace and meaning into my life.  It was during this time of deep self-connection that I recognized sensibilities I have always possessed and realized that those abilities created an opportunity to help others. This is why I became a lightworker.  I have always wanted to create meaningful work in my life and to connect deeply to other people and my surroundings but struggled to find an authentic way to do that.  I now want to help others plug back into themselves, heal old wounds, and ultimately connect to all aspects of life in a more meaningful and joyful way. I received a great gift in learning how to connect to, name and release the things that caused me pain and kept me from a life that felt authentic, enjoyable and meaningful.  My desire is to offer that gift to others and usher them through a healing process that leads to a more connected and fulfilling life. 

An early student of theater, piano and voice, I spent much of my childhood and adolescence participating in performing arts before earning a B.A. in English Literature.  Much of my earlier career was in Information Technology project management and business analysis.  I spent 10 years working with local elementary schools managing, teaching and implementing a visual arts program and I still volunteer at local schools teaching art. 

I studied Shito-Ryu, a traditional Japanese style of karate.  I have participated and trained in various types of meditation including Kundalini Yoga, Kunlin, Zen (Zazen), Hindu and Taoist meditation.  Meditation is an essential part of my healing practice. I am registered with the Universal Life Church as a minister.

I am a mother, singer, avid reader, photographer, writer, organic gardener, art lover, hiker and occasional mountain trekker.